Continual Improvement

Get People Involved If You Want Them To Improve...

Profit-Ability Improvement Increases When Your Stakeholders Cooperate:

CI   Establish Reliable & Profitable Business Management Systems
CI   Develop Timely Two-Way Communication & Accountability
CI   Develop Productive Skills, Habits, Targets & Measures
Deming Highway Continual Improvement
Deming Videos: Awarding Business to the Lowest Bidder 
  Dissatisfied Customers The Judge of Quality
  By Doing His Best  Sales Quotas 
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This Can Best Be Accomplished By:
CI   Verifying That Your Systems are Compatible & Fully Integrated
CI   Re-Engineering Your Systems & Processes When Indicated
CI   Eliminating Vagueness in Your Management Strategies
CI   Flow-Charting Your Processes & Sub Processes
CI   Documenting Your Processes & Sub-Processes
CI   Establishing Clear & Fair Performance Measures
CI   Fully Utilizing Employee Self-Management Strategies

Whenever and wherever the employee can be actively engaged in the stages of design and implementation of strategic changes, the result will be greater commitment to newly improved systems. This mean smoother transitions, less non-productive "down-time" and greater employee participation--guaranteeing full integration and daily utilization of new systems and improvements.





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